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Unfortunately there is not a one program fixes and protects all solution!!!!!  With that said it is not good to use multiple INSTALLED antivirus at once (like AVG and AVAST, or Symantec, Panda, Etc.),  but you can have Avast Antivirus, Superantispyware, and Malwarebytes all together.

Installed Software


By far my favorite "Free Antivirus"  is Avast for the following reasons'
  1. It is light weight and does not hog system resources (I use to use Symantec AntiVirus but then it became BLOATWARE)
  2. It works really well  -  Personally I am always playing in dangerous internet areas and it has never let me down.
  3. It has a great "Boot Time" scan,  previous to this feature the only way I could get some viruses removed was to remove the hard drive and scan it as an external drive on a different computer.
  4. ITS FREE - but be careful when installing it - it will try to get you to try the Trial Version which lasts for two weeks then you need to buy it,  the FREE version will work year after year if you just register or reregister it every year.
Download it from here:   I still use the free edition even though the paid version is reasonable in price.


is a great spyware/malware scanner,  although you have to pay for the version that will ACTIVELY scan your computer (which I have for $19.95),  the FREE version will scan on demand and is fine.

Download it from here: 


Malware Bytes is another excellent spyware/malware scanner -  again the free version works great and they will try everything they can to trick you into download the trial instead of free, so take your time and read each screen carefull while downloading and installing.

Download it from here:  

That is it for my suggested installed software,  basically AVAST will run all the time and if you suspect something is wrong scan with SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes.  I suggest to keep scanning until you get all three to scan and be clean!!!!!.

Online Scanners

TRENDMICRO "Housecalls"

This is a great online scanner and if your computer was heavily infected I suggest after using the installed software you run these online scanners.

Available here:   If you don't know if your computer is 32bit or 64bit,  right click "My Computer" go to properties and look at "System Type"  if all else fails try the slower 32bit version.

ESET Online Scanner

Another great online virus checker

Available here: 


And another great online virus checker

Available here:


One of the most respected antivirus companies of tech geeks.

Available here: 


Not sure if this one removes them,  but Panda is a good company. 


This one has found stuff others have missed.

If any of the links do not work or you have other resourse you think we should add please contact us.


Bryan Webster
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